Watering the Garden

Update! The calendar for shared watering – and instructions to join the calendar and add yourself – have been posted on this page: http://www.merchantparkcommunitygarden.org/documents/watering-calendar/
photo of garden hose

photo by D Sharon Pruitt

We’re hooked up to the fire hydrant! Watering should be easier now that we have great water pressure. :)

Going Forward:

Want to water your own plot? That’s fine – just follow the instructions* to set up the hoses and carry on!

Want to help with general watering? Just login** to our website and join the Water Group:


Joining this group will allow you to post updates to everyone who’s helping and get e-mails when we post questions (you can choose how often you get e-mails at that page too, the default is everything).


*About the Instructions: Ann sent out an e-mail on May 24th with instructions for hooking up the hoses to the fire hydrants. The instructions include some personal information, so we aren’t posting them to the website until we can make that page private. If you didn’t receive the e-mail with the pdf, ask Ann or send a message to Emily at webmaster@merchantparkcommunitygarden.org to have the pdf sent to you.

**Don’t have a website login? Forgot your password? If you have a login, the username should be your first name. You can reset your password anytime, or contact Emily at webmaster@merchantparkcommunitygarden.org to get a login or have your password reset.

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