Groups & Action Items

If you weren’t able to attend the last meeting or aren’t sure what the takeaway tasks were, here’s a quick review of the action items I’ve posted about in my notes below and on the group forums.

If you’d like to contribute to this project, feel free to browse through these and follow the links to see what you can do to help get this project moving.


  • Greencorps Application: we need a letter from the alderman, pictures, and other details like square footage (12,750). (Done!)
  • Membership Application: simplify rules, look at examples, provide information for members with gardens and supporters, who would get updates and might help with composting or get excess harvest.


  • Banking: choose people who will have signature rights for the bank account and go set up an account. (Done!)
  • Kickstarter: find examples of similar projects, gather suggestions for rewards we could offer donors.
  • Fundraiser space: talk to local restaurants about event room options and costs, talk to members with musical connections about band options.

Marketing & Communication

  • Letter to Local Businesses: basic information to help businesses see what we’re doing and what our needs are.
  • Brochure: find examples of brochures for other community gardens, determine what information we need to put into ours.
  • Neighborhood Updates: Talk to your neighbors! When we have the letter and brochure together, we’ll also need help translating them.

Update!: Water

I don’t have notes from the other section’s discussion (which included Plot Construction and Fencing and Maintenance), but if anyone has notes and can send them to me I’d be happy to update this post. Or just start posting action items in those forums!

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